CNC work

Last year, students and I learned how to build a CNC Milling Machine. We built one based on the IndyMill designed by Nikodem Bartnic.

Although this was a class project, I had personally purchased all the materials to built the machine. Since then, I have upgraded the machine to be twice the original length, and use a much more powerful “spindle” than in Nikodem’s original design.

The latest upgrades where to create a more robust Z axis, and add more rigidity to the X axis to support the additional weight.

I had initially wanted to build a CNC machine to use for building copies of a “mid century modern” styled guitar I had designed. I built the original design by hand about a year ago as a prototype. After producing several to work out my production methods that I will give to my grandsons and nephews, I will possibly produce copies for sale. These have the character of old Dan Electros, but are have uniques body and details, as well as high end components that make these well built, easy to play, and great sound guitars.

Art Astro in progress

Currently, I am using the CNC to make further upgrades for the CNC — such as a vacuum dust bracket for the spindle.

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